Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Get Breakfast or Get Cranky (How to make Sunshine On Toast)

I love breakfast, I eat it every day. When someone tells me they never eat breakfast I get a bit distressed. I go a bit swoony and imagine how I'd be if I did that - went without.
I'd be light headed for a start, and cranky - definitely dangerously cranky. I have been known to snarl if I've had to wait too long. Concentration - forget it. Who can concentrate when there is NOTHING in your stomach and it's at least eight hours since you last ate.

Bono could knock on my front door and I'd probably ask him if he had my toast. I just can't think straight without it, it's a survival thing. I have to eat in the morning and I will happily eat the same thing every weekday morning, I don't bat an eyelid at the monotony of it - muesli, toast, tea. Muesli, toast, tea, muesli, toast tea, muesli, toast, tea - you get my drift. Sometimes I vary what I put on my toast but there is always one slice sweet, one slice savoury and I cut each slice in half and then eat savoury, sweet, savoury, sweet. Sounds obsessive I know.

I couldn't eat the same thing for dinner every night if you paid me but it is not an issue for breakfast - in fact it would be an issue if I didn't have those things, they are part of my morning ritual as I prepare for my work day. A creature of habit.

Weekends are a different story. I'm up for anything, especially if someone else is cooking, and whilst I can easily scoff a stack of syrup soaked pancakes occasionally I am really a savoury girl at heart. Good thing Mr PMG is now qualified to take my pulse and administer morning sustenance as required.

On the occasions when I haven't bared my teeth and raided the cupboards before he rises, this is a dish that he likes to prepare in order to quell the snarling, irrational me, rampaging around the kitchen. He calls this dish Sunshine on Toast because he likes that name and when I am starving I am not going to argue - that just delays the food getting on the plate. If you don't like the name just call it breakfast.

Sunshine on Toast

Turkish Bread
Fresh Tomatoes
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

Chop some nice red tomatoes and put them in a hot pan with some olive oil. You want to hear a sizzle as they hit the pan, it makes no difference to the taste it just sounds good. Cook them to the degree that you like (this is sometimes a little bone of contention between Mr PMG and me but as I said when I'm hungry and he's cooking I generally like to keep arguing to a minimum.) While these are cooking, slice the Turkish bread and grill either in the oven or on a grill pan, you want it to be golden.

When tomatoes are done, add salt, pepper and a splash of balsamic vinegar, stir and turn off the heat. When bread is cooked, put a piece on each plate and spread with tzatziki. Be generous. Top with tomatoes and basil. Serve. Soothe any savage beasts. Enjoy.