Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tasmania - It'll do you good!

Well since I last posted, bananas have almost halved in price, my team lost the Grand Final (am almost over that), Rainman no longer holds Qantas in such high esteem, and Dunaden has won the Melbourne Cup by a whisker.  That was exciting. And it's also pinch, punch, first day of the month, and what a day 1.11.11. - doesn't that look good and yes I know what you're thinking -  not as good as 11.11.11, but let's not get ahead of ourselves people, we'll celebrate that one in due time.

I also spent a week in beautiful Tasmania, one of my favourite places, this time in the north west, where I was lucky enough to see this beautiful sea eagle on the Arthur River.  The Tasmanian Tourist Board should pay me commission cause I bang on and on about it so much but seriously if you haven't been - then you should go, (maybe I can pitch that as a slogan).  

The air is clean, the grass is green...
You should go - if you haven't been!  

Awaiting the recruitment call from Saatchi's  as we speak!  Maybe my photos will say it better.  

Cowrie Point

Dip Falls Mawbanna

Tarkine Forest

All gorgeous but the thrill for me was stepping into the Tarkine and leaving my footsteps where the dinosaurs once roamed.  That and the chips from Jolly Rogers. I ate them whilst looking at this view, with the sun on my back, watching my kids play football on the beach.  Heaven.  And that's not a slogan.