Friday, July 1, 2011

Kransky on Brunswick St.

Whenever I hear the word kransky I think of Fran Drescher from The Nanny.  It just sounds like a word made for her.  Yesterday I overindulged on kransky at Babka Bakery in Brunswick St (lots of b's).  I'm blaming Miss Z.  How could I eat zucchini fritters while she's sitting opposite with kransky.  I had to have it too.  And yes I do have a backbone, it just sometimes goes missing where food is concerned.

There's a lot to be said for being easily led - the kransky was heavenly.  Thank God I didn't go with the fritters - I would have cried.  Sliced, pan fried kransky, boiled dilled potatoes, light and fluffy sauerkraut, mustard and fresh horse radish.  And bread and butter.  I know.  Aaaaaahh.  We made involuntary noises of stuffed contentment as we watched the passing parade of tattoos.  

To show that I do have a spine, I then had coffee while Miss Z had tea.  We did eat the same cake though, only cause we split it and thank goodness for that cause one piece was stonkingly huge and half of that nearly put me in a food coma.   The cream didn't help.  
Maybe not the best food for a shopping trip but it did ensure that we weren't distracted by hunger pangs for the next forty hours or so.  We worked off the calories by meandering up and down Brunswick St., in and out of shops coveting things we dont need.  That takes energy.

Zetta Florence had these gorgeous cards on sale for $5. Like the kransky, we both had to have some of them.  I got sucked in by these  beautiful budgies at Douglas and Hope but Miss Z resisted despite her love of birds.  I think she has a thing about melamine.  We almost fought over a three tier tin cake rack until we realised we'd both missed the third digit on the price tag.  Nothing wrong with our eyes no sir.

We then moseyed over to Casa Iberica and spent a long time poking around the foodstuffs there, wondering what was what.  As well as selling the famous Portuguese custard tarts at three for $5, this place sells the biggest paella pans you've ever seen.  I bought some oven baked empanadas, chorizo and pre cooked white cornmeal.  

While I was waiting to be served another customer asked me if you could make pasta with the cornmeal.  Italian born Miss Z nearly had conniptions at that and the senora behind the counter gave me a look that said don't even think about giving advice.  Quick to divert an international incident I deferred to both of them and sidled off to look at the groovy pictures on the paprika tins.  I know when I'm beaten.

Time to go home.  What a day.  Good friends, sunshine, kransky and free all day parking in Fitzroy.  Can't ask for more than that.

PS You could possibly hibernate after a meal of kransky and potatoes.

PPS This post has no photos because something went very wrong with my computer and I lost (sob) many photos.  That's all I'm saying about that.  Too painful.